Smaple menu items for catering

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Mortadela wrapped Haricots Verts caramelized onion
Charred octopus cumin carrot sesame seeds pesto yogurt fermented chili  harissa
Deviled eggs pickled mustard seeds chicken skin
Gouda popcorn  butter parsley age gouda honey 
Charcuterie - Meat and cheese
Deviled eggs pickled mustard seeds chicken skin
Gouda popcorn  
Charcuterie - Meat and cheese
Broccoli roasted, caramelized shallot, couscous,tatsoi , tahini horseradish 
Baby gem salad, stilton blue mousse dressing, granulated lemon peel and garlic chive oil kohlrabi, ham lardons 
Esquete lettuce cups( mexican street corn in a wrap )

Bucatini with walut-parsley pesto
Anchovy pasta with garlic beard crumbs
Ramen noodles with garlic bread crumb

Ribeye lobster asparagus sherry glazed root veg roasted garlic 
Chicken lemon marjoram chicken rapini pearl onions root chicken demi (add giblets foy$0 For those who know  delicious)
Pan fried snapper, spicy aribic red sauce, braised red bliss potatoes,sauteed greens 
Sustanible fish, fingerling potatoes, spring onion soubise ,pickled onion, spring onions

Lemon fool, berry compote, chantilly cream sable cookie
Opera cake 
Kanafeh(shredded phyllo), ricotta, pistachio, cardamom syrup
Cinnamon roll rhubarb sabayon caramelized white chocolate